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Name:The Botswana School Feeding Programme: A Case Study

Many countries are now requesting for technical assistance in the design and implementation of HGSF programmes. Since 2008, the World Bank Group, World Food Programme and Partnership for Child Development (PCD) have been working together to support countries in the transition and help governments develop and implement cost effective, sustainable national SFPs. One such support is to strengthen the evidence in the cost and benefits of HGSF. This is done through case studies.

In 2011, PCD commissioned a study to be done by the Botswana Institute for Development of Policy Analysis (BIDPA). The aims of the study were: (a) to provide an overview of the Botswana school feeding programme (b) to provide a profile of intervention nuggets across the HGSF supply chain that led to the success of the Botswana SFP.

Author:Republic of Botswana
Publisher:Republic of Botswana
Publication Year:2012

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